– I have a job for you – Vladimir calls me excited.

– Does that job include sexual activities?

– No. I mean, yes, that too. But that’s not what’s important. I can’t believe I said that I must be getting old. Anyway, don’t confuse me, I need your help on a story since you know all about that Sacred geometry, Flower of Life, Golden Ration… About how everything is connected.

– Interconnected, yes.

– It’s a screenplay, but, please don’t tell me you don’t know how to do this. We’ll be working together, I just need your brain.

– One brain in sauce, coming right up. – It feels good when he has ideas that want to develop with me. Somehow this is exactly how I’ve always imagined relationship, creative partnership.

– The best part is that we are going to be doing research at two of your most favorite locations. Take a breath, we are flying to Cairo for ten days, and then to Jerusalem.

Oh, is it the sound of history repeating? Instead of being happy, I am astounded. When Giant and I decided to make our relationship official, we went to Cairo, wanting to connect to Jerusalem and Petra in Jordan, but there were some problems with our visas, so we went only to Cairo from where we went to explore entire Egypt by train. It was phenomenally exhausting and romantic at the same time. Alexandria is my city. Cairo as well. I walk those streets without a map, somehow knowing where everything is. I behave colonially, with my head and chin held high, not making any eye contact. The heat is different there and I love it. I also know how to bargain and play that game. Everywhere else I wear a Buddhist smile, but in this part of the world, I am an arrogant Cleopatra. Many years later we went to Jerusalem, and after that, we ended our relationship. Or rather, our relationship fell apart so that it could be mended again. Giant is a smart man, he realized that he should take me to Italy if he wanted to awaken the best in me. The honeymoon was supposed to be in Sri Lanka. Once again. The road trip through Italy ended up with him saying: “I’ve snapped on this journey”. I watched him fall apart in front of my eyes. Not him, my illusion of him. We canceled Sri Lanka. But it was Jerusalem that turned out be the turning point. Together, we went to all those churches, and since I have no reverence for these kinds of objects, just respect artistic appreciation, I observed him for the first time going into a church in an honest attempt to pray for something. He went to the Wailing Wall as well. I didn’t. I don’t go near places with a name like that. However, this was when I realized that we both wanted different things – I wanted freedom, he wanted children. We both had our wishes granted.

Okay well, this thing with Vladimir might be a new chapter or re-writing history. It seems that I have to go back to one of those places again. I must have some unfinished business in Cairo. Jerusalem, too. And then it hit me. At least I know why all this time I was gravitating towards those locations. At least for Cairo, I know, and I will discover it for Jerusalem as well. Everything is interconnected, although sometimes we don’t see the connection.

Sacred Geometry explains how temples, churches and various sacred objects were built throughout our time in history. And why they are still standing where they are. And why we accept the collective lie or hypnosis that pyramids were built by rope, stick, and slaves. Whoever visited Giza, becoming at least slightly interested, has opened a new door for themselves. You enter into the flower of life. Once you start drawing circles that build on each other, one after another, forming flowers, then circles, then more flowers, and on and on infinitely. There is no end, everything is a beginning. I think that’s when I started to understand that all of our lives are connected, that by dying, we just change our frequency and begin again. And that we should despair or cry over death because that’s the moment of our alignment, a moment in which we get to grasp everything. But we don’t have to die to be aligned, to be immersed in that all-knowing, all-feeling energy. That’s why people who knew these secrets built the temples and in doing so they transferred information to each other throughout time and space. In some of these temples, it’s very easy to connect to their frequency, as if they are waiting for you.

Yes, we were waiting for you, to transfer all of this to you… the one who doesn’t have resistance, gets everything easily. Just allow it…

Cairo represents the throat chakra of the world. The fifth or throat chakra is connected to the hearing, the voice and the truth. It represents the doors to spirituality, and it is very important that it should be cleaned and activated. That’s impossible if our lower chakras have not been cleansed before that. Aha, you get it, that’s why we’re here. Last time I came here because I didn’t know who I was, and I lived my life in accordance to other people’s needs and wishes, repressing a lot of anger, feeling mostly humiliated and guilty. When we speak the truth, even the one we are not proud of, we bring the light and healing into this chakra. This is especially difficult for those who grew up around lies, secrets, verbal abuse and criticism. Those who were so lucky to grow up in a family like this, become shy and quiet. And speech is not just for transmitting messages, but it’s our way of connecting. Nowadays, many people have a problem with a thyroid gland, almost as if it were a virus, but it’s just truth trying to come out of you, as you are resisting. It’s strange that there are so many people who don’t live their own truth. They speak one thing, do another and think something completely different. I think that we call this – hell.

While we’re bouncing around in a cab that has no shock absorbers, but which is pimped and highly beautified with various habibi car accessories, the cab driver is complaining of lack of tourists, due to unfinished revolution.

– What brings you here? You journalists?

– No, we are writers.

– Aaaa, then you must go Alexandria.

– We have. – I play the role of a stringer with locals, but then I get an idea and address it to Vladimir. – I mean, I have been there already. But we could do this again, you would love Alexandria. After a week of Cairo, and controlled chaos, Alexandria will seem like a zen garden of Middle East. It’s writers who made Alexandria immortal.

– Man, if you start again with the Alexandria Quartet book, I am going to go berserk.

– No, you lovely fool, I wanted to say that it’s where Cleopatra and Mark Anthony were seeing each other, but, yes, the lovely Lawrence Durrell used Alexandria to explore our human desires.

– Human desires are endless. I mean, they have no end. We always want something.

– That is true, my love.

Slowly we are entering Cairo, the city of constant chaos, but still functional, where a higher force seems to be keeping things under control. You can sense the state of unfinished revolution, although the state hasn’t changed there for hundreds of years. To land on Egyptian airport is a blessing. As soon as you step outside, you are greeted by heat and dust that continues on to be in your throat the whole time you are there. Yes, in the throat chakra. It makes you speak the truth.

The whole city is covered by dust. I don’t know why they say that New York is the city that never sleeps when actually it’s Cairo. Only in Cairo could I by fancy flip flops at 2 o clock in the morning… in the store. Make the impossible possible, in that place everything is possible, you can lower the price by bargaining from 10 dollars to 1 dollar. Since I didn’t want to cause a stir on the streets, this time I brought scarfs with me. I am going camouflage myself as a local woman, even though that makes Vladimir burst into hysterical laughter. It’s his first time in this part of the world.

– It’s as if I’ve entered a movie. It’s good that we came here to work. Everything is so exciting, and I am already high on life.

I could see glimmer his eyes, the dust covering him, and very slowly he was falling in love with the city. He couldn’t take his eyes off the city panorama, not even when we arrived at the apartment where a whole array of artists from all over the world was beginning to gather. He kept glancing towards the balcony. Usually, he would sit down with the artists, indulging himself into long conversations, but this time, the city wouldn’t let him be.

The apartment was the property of an American woman, who was hosting something like an artist residency program. She had written to me that other than police curfew, everything else was functioning normally and that demonstrations were located in just one part of the city. Well, I was in Serbia when media was reporting just one thing, spreading fear and panic, while we were having parties during the bombing. That’s what made me want to be in Cairo even more. And here I am. It’s still intense. The unfinished revolution. All revolutions are unfinished. Changing one government for another changes nothing. Everyone, more or less, gets this now. However, not knowing what else to do, we still hope for the better. Hoping in despair, getting only more despair.

Revolution is not something that will change us, especially not those revolutions which are orchestrated by various services, and those that instigate street violence. Violence will only lead to more violence. Voting is only a distraction and our illusion that a new party or a new political leader will change us from the inside. It doesn’t work that way. There is no better way to see who someone is than to give them unlimited power, and a huge amount of money. Then you see who is a natural born leader, and who is simply a manager. Anyone who wants to be in politics cannot have profit as their main goal. Only when you are done with your personal expansion, you’ve attained most of what you set out to get in life – family, career, progress success, when you’ve made all of your wishes come true, when you raise your frequency materially and spiritually, only then you can deal with the greater good for the benefit of community, society, and humanity. Until your garden is in shape, and until all of your plants and flowers have begun to bloom, birds are singing and animals are playing, you have no right meddling with someone else’s. That’s my opinion anyway. As you are working on planting your own garden, somehow magically, those around you will start taking care of themselves. That’s the way it goes. A true leader is the one who brings flowers on his way to the top.

– Here, we believe in faith – One of our hosts tells me.

– I wonder what beliefs were held by those who built the pyramids in Giza.. – I know that this will start our workshop, and open the whole discussion since everyone who has gathered here has an opinion on that. No one is here by accident, everyone felt invited.

Without thinking about it, I press the recording button on my cell phone, and wearing a Mona Lisa smile, I wink to Vladimir.

Still, in his own trance, he took an armchair outside to the balcony, reclining, and staring into the city. He was having an affair with the city.

Oh, yes, he was there before, I can feel that.