There is a cure for old age and it is called curiosity. No one will tell you about it, and it is rarely written about, but in to be curious, you need a free flow of energy. It’s not botox, or mesotherapy, it’s living a life in accordance with your beliefs. When your heart, mind and soul are in complete harmony, when you are no longer fighting yourself, no longer working against your own well-being or going against your true beliefs. It may sound too simple, that it’s easier to get a surgical cut here and there, to lift your eyelids, get a detox, but the myth of youth will stay just that, a myth. In fact, you are acting exactly as society expects of you, looking the way fashion dictates, following trends. You are and will stay one of the slaves.

Lucky you, you live as you desire – I am often told, but to be honest, I don’t understand who is the one stopping us from doing what we want. Who is the censor limiting our dreams, who is preventing us to be all that we are? Sometimes I meet people who live their lives in complete opposition to what their parents taught them, they are not a part of the collective hypnosis, having allowed themselves to discover their true self, what makes them happy, and what gives them strength and energy. All of these people are curious, constantly exploring themselves, other people and the planet. They let life lead them, they love life and it amazes them time and time again. We are not even aware of the prison that we live in and it is called – being dependent on another person’s opinion. When we become conscious of this, a huge amount of energy gets released. On the other hand, it is a privilege to grow old, many of my friends don’t have such a privilege anymore. Now we can take all the knowledge and experience that we have accumulated and we can share it with others, to give and expect nothing in return. Isn’t that in itself already phenomenal?

With me change starts with food, I start eating all those things that are not in line with what other ‘normal people’ are eating. The freedom that I gain, actually free-flowing energy that I get as a gift, opens the door to creative ideas and even more creative people. And then miracles start happening… What is it that would amuse me today? Such lovely weather we are having, let’s go to our friend that lives down by the river, future friends have already gathered there. They all either live in Asia or are already preparing, like all migratory birds, for the upcoming season to spread their wings and fly away, modern nomads that we are. All of the different ages and all of them have realized that this society of ours is just one big scam. Still caught up in some weird love, and between two burning fires of Richard and Vladimir, I myself am clueless as to how to solve this situation, the more I try, the more tangled it becomes. I stumble, and fail all tests. Then I wake up, realizing that it’s all just an illusion, and I simply let things run their own course, solving themselves.

There is only Love.

In the meantime, I can always go a little ‘out of my mind’ and treat myself to some kind of adventure. Ideally an Ayahuasca ceremony, but there is no one around to organize it. How about love drug? MDMA is also called the love drug. Whoever invented it, has my eternal gratitude. This is the stuff that should be put in our tap water and not flour. It increases serotonin levels which instantly produces happiness and empathy. Ecstasy was given its name because no one would know what empathy is. Happy people have an understanding of others, while the unhappy are trapped in their own illusions. Oh, who is this lovely creature, a gorgeous blond boy is in sight… tall, handsome and blond. His name is Luka and I cannot stop playing with his hair. Fantastic, an angel phantasm, in form of a man, I find myself styling his hair. And how come they are so sexy?

“I would really like to kiss you right now” – I hear him saying,

“Why don’t you do that?” – I hear myself replying.

And he kisses me in a packed club to all of our friends’ delight, and to the astonishment of innocent bystanders. I always have to be the center of attention, creating pop-up theater wherever I go. Hank Moody is back, and is granting the apostles’ wishes, yes, yes, ask and it shall be given. It is so nicely written in the Gospel of Luke.

The two of you are so beautiful, I haven’t lately witnessed anything like it… – a friend is whispering to me, we are all in this love bubble fairy tale. The strongest drug that exists for a human being is another human being. My addiction is not MDMA, nor is it alcohol, nor cigarettes, not even chocolate, I am addicted to romance.

And so in one breathe I created a new book called Lovespell, a collection of my best love stories. The one ( that) you can be holding in your hands, or in your kindle 🙂 For me, it was a necessity. We all need to let ourselves be enchanted by love. It seemed impossible, yet it happened.

Impossibility was a kiss away from reality.

soundtrack from Sense8